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I gonna get through this!

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What would you do if your ex wants to sleep with you? I have got over her after nearly a year. She called me a few days ago telling me she has fallen apart a bit with her bf. I thought, as a friend, I would go and listen to her. By the way I knew her bf wasnt really very good to her. We were in a local club, she made herself drunk, all the time she were trying to be close to me. At one time I was leaning against the wall and she tried to kiss me. I didnt stop her but soon I didnt feel comfortable and gently pushed her away. Then she said she wanted to have a walk around. After half an hour I still didnt see her. Then I saw her snogging with a bloke! Why she had to do this? I knew if I didnt refuse her, she wont have done this. I was so angry I ran away. How came she could pick up a stranger like that? Didnt she care about herself? Didnt she know how I feel? It fucking hurts!

Now I dont want anything but to forget all about her. I dont want to bother what she is doing out there. Please tell me how to get her out of my life.


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    dude she was pissed what do you expect!
    just get on with ur life
    but if want my opinion drink makes people bring out the truth she mite still feel 4 u or she mite wanna get with you again and as for the guy she snoged ignore him if ya dont know him and he wasn't a mate he mite of come onto her thinking she was single and the drink pervaeled
    but dude get on with ur life
    if ya wanna talk more privet message me i.N.d.n.
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    Don't go near ex's. She's just on the rebound, and the fact that you've lasted a year and got over her means you're better than that.
    It sounds like she needs you, but you don't need her. If you have sex with her now it could become very confusing.
    Then again, if you're feeling particularly cruel you could shag her anyway.
    But IMO, stay away.
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