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hey everyone, im back again. i have had another argument with Clare this week <IMG SRC="frown.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> .

Basically, Clare really likes this guy called matt, hes asked her to go to the cinema once her exams are over.

but thats not the problem, another guy, who she really really likes is causing some problems. I can remember a while ago clare talking about this guy (Mike), but he did something to hurt her. i think she gave him a photo of her to keep and told him not to show his matess, but he did, and it hurt her.

im sure if clare reads this she can post a more detailed description of what happened.

but anyway, the other night, one of mike's friends was pestering clares friends for her email address. When he finally got it, he told her that mike was going to ask her out.

now, to me, it seems like this mate is having a laugh, but its really confusing clare. when i told her what i thought, i should have been more understanding or a little more gentle or something like that, because she started to have a go at me.

"r u totally tryin 2 depress me or sumthin?, am i really like that 2 u?, cos i seriously though i helped u, not made u feel like shit and wanna go jump like"

once this argument started, i decided i better go before either of us said something we regretted, but i havnt talked to her since. that was friday.

does anyone agree with me? can anyone offer clare some advice?

and why is it, that whenever i say something to clare, she gets angry at me and says stuff like that?

sorry for the long post, thanks for any replies



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    tell clare to forget about this guy who showed her pic to evry1.
    hes not worth it. she disurves better than him.
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    i tried to tell her this, but she just got really angry at me.

    clare, if you read this, please understand that i care for you, and i only want the best for you. I dont think Mike is worth all of this.
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    Hi, It's me, Clare. I just wanted to say it's not exactly as Daf said it was. I've been in love with this Mike person for years now, and I was finally getting over the fact that we would never actually be anything ('cos we'd kinda joke about online and stuff), and that's how Matt got involved. Mike knows nothing about Matt so it's not like he's protecting his property or anything like that. He rang me twice, which I know for a fact (even though I missed the calls) and he asked me to the cinema, but I refused as I had too much stuff on already. He's not a bad person or anything like that. I just wanted to make that clear.

    I have to go now, but I'll carry on with this post tomorrow. BTW, me and Daf have patched things up I think/hope. And I just wanna tell you (Daf) that I valure your opinion and you have been great to me, I'm sorry if I over reacted, I've just got so much on my mind, what with exams etc. bad news and crtisism was the last thing I wanted to hear at that moment, and I took it all out on you, I'm sorry.

    I appreciate all the comments people have given, but I'm not gonna do anything until my exams are over, but I'll keep ya all posted - whether you want me to or not! hehe!

    Byeeeeeeeeee, love





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    Yeh, Clare is right, we've patched things up now.

    The thing is Clare, i really care for you. You've been a really good friend to me recently. When i saw how hurt you were a few months ago because of mike, i stopped trusting him. I only want the best for you Clare.

    to be honest clare, i dont think im in the right emotional state to give you advice at the moment. after everything thats happened to me recently (finding out thegirl i was in love with went out with me for a joke etc.)

    sorry, i should have been a little more sympathetic (sp?) or something when i told you.

    Clare, remember, no matter what happens, i WILL support you, and i will be here for you ALWAYS.

    Finally, an update on Lucy, things are going well, she seems so much happier now she's with her boyfriend. I've never seen her happier!

    He bought her this big pink teddy bear the other day! She is really serious about him! He is one lucky guy!!!!!

    Talk to you all soon!
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