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Where exactly do I stand?

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I posted a while ago (see http://www.thesite.org/cgi-noperl/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=4&t=002003 ) about my girlfriend dumping me. I'm still as confused as ever so I thought I'd give you guys an update and see what you think.

After she'd first dumped me she said that she still wanted to see me and now she is saying that it is too soon to see me. But its like shes playing games with me cos she keeps saying "yeah maybe" and then changing her mind again. I know I have been p**sing her off by calling her a hell of a lot, I dunno why I keep calling her, its like I'm looking for some sort of reassurance because I come of the phone feeling dissapointed. Has any one else ever done anything like that?

Also she keeps saying that I have to let her live her life yet when I got asked out by a guy the other day it felt like she was diving down my throat asking who he was and what I'd said. "when I said that I'd said "no" to this guy she started saying "This hurts me to say but if you have feelings for this guy and it feels right go for it because I have to let you go". Then later on she said that she doesn't think she will find anyone else and that she can't trust me enough to be with me right now but that maybe in the future she will be able to trust me totally again. Then she starts saying how she doesn't want to stay single forever and sooner or later we are going to have to cope with the fact that we will find other people. What do you make of all that lot?

Also she syill maintains that I don't love her and that if I loved her I wouldn't have treat her bad because she loved me and she didn't treat me bad. She also says that when I burst out crying on the phone I am only doing it to make her feel bad and guilty.

Oh yeah, she has also got rid of all the love letters and things I have sent her but when I told her to get rid of sum romantic stuff she had got me but that I'd left at hers she got all upset and said that it showed how little I meant to her.

What should I do? What do you make of it?Do you think I have any hope of winning her back? How can I make it more likely that I get her back?



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    About a 15 inches to the left of where you sit.

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