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friends and boyfriends(or girl friends)

i was just wondering how peoples relationships with mates has changed since they have been with their partner?

a few friends have become very distant since they got a partner and i try not 2 do this 2 my mates but find it can be tricky, i dont blame my mates not ringing me as much coz i am always busy but now im just seein my b/f so tryin 2 get more pally with my mates again wiv out making e feel im usin me?

*i just wanna hear ur storys please!!*

a stroke of luck or a gift from god?the hand of fate or devils claws?from below or saints above?
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    Im going through that at the moment, i have the exact same problem. my friends say they never see me but that is so not true, i only see my girlfriend once in the w/k twice if im lucky. my best friend has been slagging me off saying that i would rather go to go ans see my girlfriend instead of going to a party with him, well yeh, the reason i go to parties is to get pissed ans find girls, i have a girl so i would go to the party with my girlfriend, people say to me that he feels neglected, its very hard to balance out the time, but u have to make the effort with ur partner, but try and speak to ur friends, that what i am trying to do cause i realised i was drifting apart from them, and remember dont put all ur eggs in one basket, friends will be there after u have split up from ur partner!
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    i've lost my best friend to her boyfriend, it started of i got to see her maybe at weekends when we went out to clubs but then he started disliking me cos im a "bad influence" on her and wont let her see me. hes even sent me threatening msgs telling me to fuck off out of their lives and well me and my friend cant see each other no more because she cant get away from him. its totally fucked up really, he treats her like shit and she just sits there and takes it. i've tried all i can to get her to leave him but shes having none of it and now i never ever hear from her and any txt messages i send her, she never gets them cos he reads them and deletes them. i would never personally choose a fella over my friends!!
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    I lost my so called best mate 2 a lad.
    I feel sorry 4 him and im gr8ful 2 him at the same time!!
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