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Quitting Uni Mid-Year & Finance

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My mate is in her first year of a Leisure Events Management degree at Sheffield Hallam. She didn't get off to a good start, is behind on her work, hardly ever attends lectures and is in huge amounts of debt (not only student-related debt, but store cards and other overdrafts too). She's currently excluded from uni on account of not paying her first instalment of fees (due Sept last year) let alone the one due a few weeks ago.

Her parents don't "agree" with her going to uni in the first place (they wanted her to stay at home and work in the family business), so won't help her out in any way, shape or form. Last weekend, they told her they'd been opening her mail and found a credit card bill for £550 (only a dip in the ocean!) and offered to pay it if she quit uni and came home right now - they haven't got a clue about all the other debt and won't / have never give(n) her any money to help her out.

She's tried asking for a loan from the two high-street banks she uses and both of them said no. She is doing the rounds with all the other banks tomorrow, but is considering her options if/when she doesn't get a loan.

If she was to quit uni now, and start a different course at the same uni (Business/Law, probably) in Sept this year, what would happen finance-wise? Anyone know? She intends to (if she doesn't get the loan) work like hell for the next six months, then hopefully be out of debt by the time she starts uni again... Any ideas what she has to do to go about getting on the other course and getting another student loan, etc? :confused:
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