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Back to College...

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I left sixth form a couple of years ago after my AS level's after having a bit of a breakdown thingy, but after a break and working a few jobs I feel like I can get on with it and am going back to college to complete said evil A levels.
I'm just a bit scared because I'll be 19 when I go back (yeah, I know it's not *that* old but still..) and I'm gonna be surrounded by a load of 17 year olds. Eeek.
I'm glad I'm going back because I guess I'll make more friends (I hope :nervous: ) and I'll be working towards my future and uni and yadda yadda, but how many other people will be my age? I mean, it's a proper college as opposed to sixth form so I guess it's a lot more varied but I just don't know what kinda ages there are there. There's an induction on the 9th that I've gotta go to to get my course choices outta the way so I spose I'll find out then but it's picking at my brain right now.
And are 17 year olds gonna wanna be friends with a loopy 19 year old?! It's gonna be weird, they're not even legal to drink!

Thanks for any help.


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    I don't think you need to be worried. I went to college to do A Levels (although I was 16 and 17 when I was there) and found it very mixed. There are lots of students around 18-22, who had delayed college or been out working for a few years, with mature students (people in their 30's and older) as well. I found the mix a lot better than school, it's more like real life.

    I'm sure you used to go out to pubs etc when you were 17, so expect them to be mostly the same!
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    well I'm doing a 3rd year at college and I'll be 19 before I leave so I can in a way understand how you're feeling about the age gap.

    feeling like one of the oldest isn't a great feeling, i'm the oldest person in all my classes. i think there's 2 fourth years at college so i'm not the oldest oldest. :eek2:

    but yeh, it is hard. i'm off to sound like a right geeky type here, but i spend all my free time at college in the library/computer room working. i always have work to do. i guess this year i'm a bit more driven to work hard 'cause the reason i'm still at college and not uni is 'cause i fucked up a few exams.

    its okay though, there are people i could spend my time with but i chose not too. i find it especially hard relating to the first years. but some are a bit more grown up than others.

    i do have a good laugh sitting listening to how they went out and got ID'd and they think they're realllly cool for drinking. :lol:
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    There's a huge range of ages and abilities there, it's nothing like sixth form. I've done an NC and currently sitting HNC at my local college and there's no discrimination - especially on the age front.

    Besides, 19 IS young (don't make me feel so old ;))! Many people your age have taken a gap year before university, like myself, so it'll work out fine :).
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    Dont worry, im 19 and at college with that age group.. there well cool actually cos u get to tell them about your drinking exploits and holidays with 18-30's haha

    But i wouldnt worry, theres people worse of fthen that.. mature students like 55 years old who dont really feel comfortable.

    Hava good time at college, and take care ;)


    Tiesto is God!!
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    Originally posted by stressedstar
    theres lots of older people and the young'uns wont even take much notice!

    yeh, you'll be alright as long as you don't start going on about the good old days. :p
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