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she likes him :'(

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Hey all!!! Im lookin 4 sum help here!!!
Theres this girl who i av loved since the first day of yr7 (im now in yr 10) and she likes my best m8!!! i dont no y, hes a descent bloke n all but he is only after 1 thing.
all the girls i no sy she dsnt noo wots shes missin. all i wanna no is y dose she like him more than me, i mean i admit he dose look nicer than me (no in a gay way) but he trears girls like shit. All my girl 8s say thed luv 2 av a bf like me who treats girls wit respect, is allways there for them, puts them first n dosnt thin they r just there 4 a quick 1 bhind the bike shed. n another reason y i wanna no y she likes him is that last time they went out (4 2 week) the only thing he said 2 her was can i borrow a pencil.
so please could u reply to this if u no y she likes him more than me???

luv scott x

ps i can spell i just shortened words!!! lol


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    I'm really sorry about the girl, i've been there myself and it feels shit, i know.

    I think what you have to do is tell this girl what you really feel. Its really the only way all this is going to get sorted out, and she might change her mind, who knows ??

    But if she doesnt then I'm afraid you have to respect her decision and leave it at that. Maybe she will come back to you in time, but it will do no good if she's not interested at the moment and you try and push her into sumthin she doesnt want to do.

    Good luck mate


    Mama I love you, Mama I care.
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    Did you ever ask her out? Cos girls aint mind-readers, much as theyd tell you they are lmao.

    Wait until shes finished with your mate, otherwise itll get messy; if hes so bad to lasses, itll end quick. Then, when shes single, tell her how you feel. She might say yes, might say no, but then youll know where you stand.

    If she rejecteed you before then Im sorry, but you should let her go. Its hard, I knoew, but better in the lomg run.

    Good luck <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

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