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Finding the right person.....

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I know they say you cannot go looking for love.......


Its been, what, 8 months since I split with my ex-gf. At first I felt it really hard to move on, she hurt me quite bad, and because she was the first girl i had ever loved, probably made it harder, but now for the first time I feel ready for another relationship.

The last 8 months, I have just been fucking around, doing what I want, going on holiday, football and generally having a good time. But I've just realised it's not what I want. Im 23 and I want to find some security, something to look forward to. At the moment, im living for the weekend. I want someone to fill the hole that has just appeared in my life.

Another thing is my best mate. He's just found this cracking girl, and Im dead chuffed for him, but already Ive found myself second best to her. I know I was exactly the same when I was with my gf, and I promised him I would never do that to him again, but I cant help thinking he will do exactly the same to me. He would then complete the set of my mates who have gf's.......except me, and all I can think of is being alone.

I know u cant hurry love (hmmmm...maybe I should write a song about that!) but Im feeling very down at the moment.

Anyone understand how Im feeling?

It's not all about sex and having fun, its about having someone to be there for you.

Shit man.......:(


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Sorry :( I think you can go looking for love, but often it does just turn up without you expecting it. But if you're not ready for it then you won't notice it. I would say that now you're more prepared to find a girlfriend you'll probably start to notice more possibilities out there whereas before you were just content to have a good time and be single so you probably weren't looking. That make sense? I know it's horrible when you feel like the only single one but as long as your mates are aware of the situation and you try to give them time and space with their girlfriends then you should be able to strike a happy balance.

    Hope you feel happier soon.

    Take care,

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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    It happens alot with mates and girls. It happened to me, it happened to my mates. It happens to everyone. It could be that your mate wants exactly the same thing as you and that's the reason for him putting you second place. You probably wont feel down for long, thats the way it goes but it wont make your needs go away. If you think you're ready to start going out with people again then start, that will fill the hole and whether you find someone you really like now or in a years time you wont know until you start trying again. You're right about the 'being there for you' bit too. Just have some fun until you get into a rythm again.
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