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First love.... or should I stop seeing him? 13 year old.

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me please?
At new year I met a lad, called Guy. We didn't even exchange two words, but I know he fancied me as he kept looking over at me and turning away. He sand a love song on Kareoke and was looking at me all the way through it. When the clock struck 12 we were looking into each others eyes.

I was too nervous to make a move (I'm only 13 with not much previous experience) but I wrote my name and number down on a kareoke form and just as I was about to leave I plucked up the courage to thrust the paper at him. It turned out he'd been holding onto a beermat all night with HIS number on! We still didn't say anything.

All through the next party we went on to (minus Guy) I was floating, in ecstacy. I was just so happy - we were texting all night and I really liked him. He flattered me, saying stuff like "I really liked your moves last night, and your looks too". This was fab for me as I don't get complimented by lads very much.

I told my mum about him, and although I was embarrassed, she didn't mind. She was on the phone with a family friend (her best mate, but a good friend of mine too, we go London togethr and stuff) who said that he was (and I quote) "wappy, all over the girls and all over his sister".

My mum told me and I was stunned - I really liked him, we'd been getting to know each other over text and email. We (me and Mum) talked a bit but came to no definite agreement - she didn't outright ban me from seeing him, but she didn't say she was OK with it.

He rang me up the other day and it was nice to talk; we've got somethings in common and although there were sometimes embarassing silences I like him. I told one friend and now it is the goss of the school.

Some friends pressured me into ringing him on the bus to town when we went shopping, to meet up with him. He turned up and for a while we just followed my two friends around. Then they went off together and we were left. We held hands and walked around, though we didn't talk much.

I haven't told my Mum about the meeting. What should I do? Oh yeh, and I just got a text from him saying "next time we meet up can we get off please?". I want my fam to be cool with it cos having a boyfriend really makes me happy, and I know they'd be cool with anyone else, but its just the complication with my Mums bessie.




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    okay firstly, always try and get ur folks onside. they can make it really difficult for you if they want to.

    also it's much easier to be honest with your olds, as if you lie to them and they find out the shit will hit the fan, and they will be hurt that you lied. also in their eyes it's more mature of you to talk to them about it, rather than sneaking behind their back like a little kid. they will respect u for valuing their opinion.

    that said if you like the guy, and you know him to be different than how your mum's friend sees him, you are entitled to give it a shot.

    therefore i would talk to your mum, and tell her that although you value her opinion, you think that in this case she's got the wrong end of the stick. invite him around so that your mum can see for herself that he isn't some male slapper who preys on young girls. your mum seems like a decent person. i am sure that she will understand.

    hope that helps

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