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Please Help - V.Important!!!

Please help me. I'm suppposed 2 be mates wit my ex Tom we have had a few ups & downs since we have become friends but i don't know if i can cope ne more. He has become heavily in2 drugs, he started on pot but has now moved on2 other shit although i ain't exactly sure wot.

He foned me 2day & told me this. I told him how stupid etc he woz being & he said he knows but he needs my help 2 get himself off the drugs.

I really do wanna help him but i dunno if i can cope wit all the shit its gonna bring!
I know that sounds harsh but i have my exams v.soon & i've had 2 put up wit so much from him b4.

I'm the only person he's asked 2 help but i dunno if i can be his emotional support ne more......basically i've had enough but i hate seeing him like this....

Wot can i do?!?
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    You can go and guide him to professional help, I would suggest. look for some drug centres and make sure they're good and that they're helping him. it shouldn't be up to you to help him off drugs - ur his mate, but it was his fault and you can only go so far, esp with exams coming up.

    good luck girl, hope things go ok.

    And all the grown-ups say is sorry, cos we got no reply.
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    I agree with Turtle on this one, but I'd like to add something.
    Why dont you direct him here? as long as you dont give him your user name, im sure he can find a lot of useful information and contacts here.
    Ask him about it, and if he is unwilling get the info for him.
    Hope it helps!
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    Yep, I agree, there are a lot of good counsellors/support groups out there. Try to convince him this is your way of helping him. It's good that he's relaised he's got a problem.
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