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She's been away for ages

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
Right, dunno where to begin.

Basically, she's been up at her Mam's for the last week and a while, and I've hardly spoken to her, never mind seen her. I'm not complaining about it to her, because her Mam and Dad have had a falling out, and without going into specifics, her Mam is in a state. So she needs her daughters around her at the minute. But I miss the fuck out of her. Like, really.

But while she's been away, there's been someone else. I would never cheat or do anything, that's just a no-no. Bit it's like someone else coming on the scene is quite weird, like I genuinely like her company and like being around her. If I was single, it could turn into something, but I'm not, so it wont. It's just the whole thing brings up a load of stuff that I aint sure about.

I dunno if it means our relationship aint very strong (it is still quite a new relationship) or I dunno if it's normal to have them feelings. It's like on one hand I'm so worried about my g/f, and on the other hand it's like this other lass is kinda showing me what I'm missing, like we have a giggle and stuff, although it is all innocent.

Normally, I'd talk to her. But it's like she's got so much to deal with, I am NOT piling this on her aswell. I dunno what I'm asking here, I suppose I just need reassurance, or something.

Any thoughts muchos appreciated :)


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I fully understand. The other day I was in the pub, and I got talking to a group of people and thought "I really like that lad, now I stopped myself thinking " would I like a bit more if I was single" as id never thoght that until this time. Now I know it was because I was missing my bf so much, im looking for comfort similar to what I get from my boyfriend. On spur of the moment my boyfriend called me and said hop on a train to so and so, were going to a club and I want you there. I got there and it felt so right, I knew the other person was not anything like the feelings I coud ever have with my bf. I had not spent much time with this other person, so didnt have time to dwell on not being with my bf.
    That may not be what your going through but I reckon the outcome could be the same.
    Hope that makes sense :)
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