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Starting a family

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I want to have children - my eggs are running out.
Just about to buy a house, have discussed babies with my partner (of 7.5 years) and he's been really non-commital about it.
Says things like 'I don't want kids' one minute and 'Perhaps in a couple of years' the next.

What can I do?
I want us both to be involved and both to want a family, I don't want to make it happen 'by accident'
Do I wait 2 years and then get disappointed when he says 'perhaps next year' or do I issue and ultimatum?

What would you do?


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    well i think in general, men arent prone to broodyness in the same way as women, when i really wanted a baby, my husband wasnt as into the idea as i was, but when i did get pregnant he was happy, and it was a relief because we didnt have to make the decision anymore. I think if you are getting broody now then you shouldnt wait too much longer as your fertility will be starting to decrease, but you do need your partners support. i think after 7 and a half years he shouldnt be too suprised that you want to start a family. if i were you id tell him that you want to start trying for a baby once youve bought your house. if he still says no you might have to have a think about whether you still want the same things in life. he might keep trying to put it off, but he cant keep putting it off forever
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