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    we did ours through a mortgage advisor at an estate agents. You wont have to pay for it, the people who give you the mortgage in the end give the advisor a commision. Not all of them are independent though, but a lot of them are, and they really do help you get the best deal. I dont think I could have done it without our mortgage advisor. We even went back to the same place when we remortgaged although it was a different bloke, and he was brilliant too.
    As long as one or both of you has been in fulltime employment for about a year, and you can definitely afford the repayments then there shouldnt be a problem, but they will help you determine that. I think its definitely worth buying if you can afford it, because rent prices are astronomical, and all youre doing is buying somebody elses house for them. At least with a mortgage you get your house at the end of it.
    It is a huge commitment though, to buy a house with somebody. You have to be sure. Id go round different estate agents and speak to a few people, Theyre all pretty good at talking the talk, but make sure you find one thats not too pushy and that you feel is on your side.
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