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though id post this here since more people will read it than in sport and it is related to health so...

i used to run every morning near enough and felt pretty fit. the problem is now i have a job, i have to leave early and get back late to its always dark and theres no street lights where i live so its not very safe to run.

i dont have enough money for the gym because im trying to save up to go travelling, my diet is good, but i would like to do mroe exercise. at the moment i get off the bus a few stops before work so i have a 15 minute walk to work, but i cant imagine wanting to do that when its tipping down with rain and having to sit in my office really damp all day!!

anyway, what im really asking is if anyone has any ideas of exercise which isnt too expensive, that i could incorporate into my day id be very grateful!!

thanks :)

ps. im thinking of going swimming a couple of nights a week, so i i guess thatd be good:)


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