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Why is UK Medicines So Crap (and expensive)??

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I have a sore throat and so I'm sucking on some Strepsils Extra Strong thingies.

and they are totally useless.

However if I go to Canada I can pick off the shelves ones that are 5 times stronger, kill the bacteria much better, numb your throat (and your tongue) and costs half the price.

One of the things I buy almost everywhere in the world I travel to is medicines for coughs and colds because they're either better then what we get here or they are from the UK only sold for much less abroad and with usually greater details of manufacture, such as in india where they not only telly ou when stuff expires but also the date when it was made.


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    Meds are a shit load of expensive here, in my little part of the U.S. and, at one point, was thinking about buying, some of my meds, from Canada, because they were a hell of a lot cheaper, but, at the time, I wanted to send in for the cheaper shit, I didn't have my prescription form, so I was screwed, and decided to only take my meds, as neccessarily(sp?) needed, so I wouldn't have to buy any, here, if at all possible.

    Damn 100 some dollars for, each, for my anti-depressant and anti-anxiety meds, each, just here, in the U.S. when I could just get them a hell of a lot cheaper through Canada.

    Now I wonder why, so many U.S goverment peeps, thinks a lot of the U.S. citizens buy their Rx from Canada.:rolleyes:
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    When I went to Mexico - the first thing you see across the border is a cople of huge chemists selling medicines for a fraction of what they charge in the US.
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    The laws surrounding the international sale of Patened meds is a complex issue and really should go in the debates section if you did want to hammer it out.

    As for throat tablets, never buy any that arent over the counter, they will have nothing in them which will help, they will just soothe slightly but wont help.

    You want some with Benzocaine in them, this is a local pain reliever, this will help. Also some with methol in them might help. A spray is better if you can get it but this is some times hard to track down.

    Also you may well find that hot tea will help, most noteably with echinasia (sp?) in it, as this will help soothe and fight the infection.
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