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Decisions decisions...

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Anyone else been caught up in no-man's land as far as future careers and stuff are concerned? I graduated this year and applied to do a PhD but just missed the required 2:1 grade. I got a second chance to do one but it all depends whether the funding council, EPSRC decides to give sponsorship to my supervisor. I should hear in a week, but after 4 months waiting I'm a bit nervous. It's something I really want to do but I have to consider that I won't get funded and look for graduate careers instead.

For those that don't know, doing postgraduate study is rather expensive and most people need some form of sponsorship - fees are about 3 grand a year and you need cash for living expenses. So the only way I can do it is with help in the form of a grant.

There's not really a point to this thread, it's just an excuse to vent my frustrations.

I'll let you guys know what happens....Stay tuned


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    thats the exact reason i'm not doing a postgraduate masters.I wanted to do educational psychology but its one of the most expensive masters you can do and i've just not got the money. I've decided to go the long way round to becoming an educational psychologist instead which involves 1 year PGCE (teacher training that you don't have to pay to do) then 2 years working as a teacher then finally a 1 year post grad course at a uni but hopefully by then i'll have enough pennies to pay for it. Its shitty really.
    Do you know anything about postgraduate student loans? are there any or do we simply have to go it alone??
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    What degree did you do?

    I want to do a Ph.D in something to do with fossils, but that may change as im only halfway through the firt term of a 4 year course!
    Luckily in my field there are a fair few oppertunities to get sponsored by the big oil names as long as you want to do something that will help them somehow.
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    I did a Master of Physics degree (MPhys) and if I do a PhD it'll be in the field of optoelectronics (LEDs and lasers, that sort of thing).

    As for post-grad funding, most banks are keen to give out loans to anyone who asks as well as allowing large overdrafts. I'd recommend www.propects.ac.uk for anyone at or considering uni. It has loads of stuff about funding and everything else you need to know. Also useful for jobs too.

    Still no news on the PhD yet but my supervisor said he shoud know this week....
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