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Argh help!

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I desperately need some help. I'm going to visit my boyfriend at uni tomorrow, and don't know what to pack. The only person awake right now is my gay best friend and he is being unusually unhelpful and blokeish about it.

Okay, so he's at Aberystwyth which sounds pretty damn cold right now, and whereas I know I'm probably going to spend the vast majority of the time inside ;) I'm going to be doing a lot of walking around (so no high heels). But I want to look good. And I haven't seen him for ages. The lingerie side of things is all sorted, the outerwear is the major problem - ATM I've got my parka and underwear on my bed which doesn't look too great for any passer-by...

So, denim skirts? Boots? Jeans x2 are definite. As are several tops and snuggly jumpers. But the rest is a wee muddle.

Any help would be great



  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    i cant really tell you what to pack since i dont know what clothes you have! but when i visit my bf at his uni i usually take about 2 tops per day (thats assuming im going out in the eve). if youve got any nice fitted warm jumpers or a scarf and gloves, thatll help you keep warm:)
    enless you wear skirts a lot, then i wouldnt take them cos youll prob not wear them. are you going to be going out in the eves or anything?

    dont forget washbag stuff. i sometimes take a camera just incase:) hmm i cant think of anything else, but if i do ill post again! good luck packing!
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