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Im falling for my best friend and I dont know if i should tell her?! Help!

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I met this girl at school about a year ago, and we became really close friends about 3 months ago. At first everything was fine, but i've started to develop stronger feelings for her. These feelings were triggered off when we were at a party 2 weeks ago; we both got drunk and ended up getting off with each other. Afterwards we talked and she said she wanted to stay as friends because she valued our friendship and thought that a romance wouldnt last as long as a friendship and we'd fall out if we went out with each other. I dont know what to say to her. Please help!

Also, we both work at the same place.

Any advice would be appreciated,

Dave, 16


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    As a basis to any relationship you need to have a firm foundation of friendship for it to be able to withstand the test of time.
    After being friends with this girl, you have now discovered that you have feelings for her that have gone beyond the bounds of friendship. She is feeling slightly confused about her feelings towards you at the moment hence saying that you should remain 'just good friends'. She obviously values your friendship greatly so is not willing to do anything to jeopardize this strong relationship.
    Give her time for her to sort her feelings out and the same goes for you. Do you really have such feelings for her worth risking a friendship over or was it just a moment of drunken madness?
    Be her friend, but don't give her the cold shoulder if she brushes off the idea of a relationship. And who knows maybe sometime in the future you can be more than friends!
    let us know how you get on

    Adele 17
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