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My love life SUCKS!!!!

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If I got your attention then that's a bonus 'cause all I get from the guys in my area is nothing unless they're "Handbag material" yes i mean attached, I mean how many married men can there be in one pub who all want to chat me up then hit me with the "I'm married by the way" line or better still give me the guy I've known for 11 years who has made me swoon many a time and who has just worked out I fancy him, yeah take him a few pints and a picture of his pretty girlfriend and what have you got?
One of my most confusing nights of my life.
I know he's a "Handbag" I know I like him I know that you never steal another woman's man I know that he's grabbing me following me to all my haunts and when finally I settle at close friend's 21st and yet he not being invited turning up moments later and being at my elbow for the rest of the night, I know he's comming on to me I know all this I keep pushing him away but what I really want to do is give it all back and then some.
What can I do I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo
CRAPPY my weekend is GOOD/BAD all at the same time and yet all I want to do is see him again and SEDUCE the hell out of him.
Please feel free to advice and cheer me up.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    There's is something very sexy about your message. I'm not going to encourage you to go with him but he's obviously not planning on being faithful (and for all you may know you're not the first person he's hit upon?)

    Pretend you don't know he's attached and go from there - the likely hood is that you'll be let down but you never know.

    Go with it and if he doesn't do anything you'll know he's an okay bloke really - if he ends up in your bed then he's not!

    Finally, play it cool - no matter how het up and horny you are for him, don't make a fool of yourself, let it be him.

    Love from the ChunkyMonkey

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