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Race bomb

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Has anyone seen in the news recently about a North Korean scientist, a Dr Ri who has created a genetic virus that is specific to ethnicity? I read about it in the Express yesterday, and how it's even more worrying because he has disapeared.
Such a weapon could seriously alter the global balance of power, especially if it fell into the hands of predominantly Middle Eastern terrorist organisation. Any thoughts? Should we be preparing for a plague, and for the inevitable nuclear destruction that would follow for the people of the Middle East?


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    What makes you think that such a device would end up in the hands of Middle East terrorists though?

    The concept of a race bomb is by no means new. Two sets of people have been rumoured to look into it before. The first were the white people in power during the Apartheid in South Africa, and it is common knowledge amongst intelligence services that they did spend a lot of money and time researching a 'black' genetic bomb. The second set of people rumoured to have looked into this is the Israeli government (though this is more speculative than South Africa’s). In their case the bomb would 'naturally' target Arab subjects.

    So it seems that it's the Arabs and blacks of this world who would be more at risk from such devices.

    In either case, I very much doubt the story is true. The complexity of producing such a device makes the project practically impossible. I don't think the North Koreans have achieved in producing such bomb. I don't think anyone could, not even the US with all its might.
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    Just because everything else always seems to end up in the hands of Middle Eastern terrorists lol.
    I'm not saying wether or not it's true, simply an article I read in the paper, if it is true, and if the device has been made then surely it's something to worry about. The article also confirmed however that the Koreans are now more than capable of (and have probably already made) manufacturing a missile capable of carrying a nuclear payload to the West coast of the USA, LA, San-Francisco e.t.c.
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