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Im So Excited But Dont Want To Expect Too Much And Be Disapointed!

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Hiya! I pulled this guy at a party a week ago and we exchanged numbers. I got a text from him this morning and we have been texting each other loads. I had met him a few times previously and always had this little thing for him. Anyway he is being really friendly and chatty and everything and has said we should meet up during the hols, which I said yes to. He keeps going on about how he has not had sex for ages and said as a joke we should be fuck buddies. Hehe! <IMG SRC="tongue.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> Also he has been saying stuff like it can be lonely at times being single etc, cos we both are. I really like him, but need to get to know him properly before I can tell if I think Id like to go out with him. The thing is Im not too sure if he is hoping that I will go out with him or not. I dont want to seem like Ive taken things the wrong way and come on too strong. Also another thing. He is good mates with my best mate, they go to school together. And she told me the other day that she reckons he is going gay. That apparently he likes one of her gay mates. Im not to sure whether I should believe this or not. Especially as when we were texting he said that he went to a club, but there were apparently too many blokes. Not really sure what to think. Im really excited, but probably just being paranoid! <IMG SRC="biggrin.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> <IMG SRC="wink.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> <IMG SRC="tongue.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

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    Well, it seems to me all the signs are good -exchanged numbers and texts and things AND you've agreed to meet up in the holidays. Try not to overanalyse things until you need to - at this stage it doesn't really matter whether you are completely sure you're looking for a relationship or just a good time. He probably doesn't know yet either. These things will come to light when you meet up with him again and get to know him better.

    If he pulled you, says he's fed up of being single and is joking about being fuck buddies it seems pretty likely that he IS interested, and any further moves by you are unlikely to scare him...

    Also, taking into account the above, the 'he is gay' rumours are probably just that - rumours and your friend's trying to stir trouble. Or of course, he could be bi, but that shouldn't change the fact that at the moment he likes YOU. But again, don't let that worry you until it comes up. If he IS gay, hopefully he'll set you straight on that one before you get too involved, but as he snogged you and has been flirty since, it doesn't seem to be too likely.

    I hope all goes well <IMG SRC="cool.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
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    Thankyou for the reply meryn! Im not so worried about it now <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
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