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Is there any relationship between ecstacy and asthma, can it make you more prone to an asthamtic attack at the time of being on the e's because your body is working at a faster rate, i've heard mixed views about this.


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    Point 52 on this page on Erowid has a bit of information. It is from the appendices of 'e is for ecstacy' by Nicholas Saunders. and the page it refers to is chapter 6 The dangers of ecstacy, which you can link to here.

    And further down at number 58 you can find this extract -
    58 Notes from meeting with Dr. John Merrill of NW Regional Health Authority

    Dr. Merrill answers some of the most frequently raised queries about Ecstasy:

    Allergic reactions: none are known.

    Asthma: There is no pharmacological reason why asthma should be made any worse by E.......................................
    Dr. Merrill added in conversation that people with hay fever and eczema who take E may also face higher risks.

    No idea who Dr Merrill is or why he is an authority though..... but there is some interesting stuff in there reporting on studies of toxic effects of E that may be of interest.

    Remember though this is just one point of view, I would be interested to hear from some asthma sufferers who take E.
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