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What am i gonna do!!!!!!!

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Hi all, i don't usually post often but i'm in desperate need of your help.
My boyfriend of 13 months broke up with me on saturday and i'm finding it very hard to deal with. The situation was that i cheated on him two months into our relationship with someone i work with, i realised i'd made a made mistake and took it no further with this other bloke. I didn't tell my boyfriend as i knew he'd finish with me and i didn't want to hurt him. All was great after that we spent all our time together and got really close, we fell in love with each other. He had his suspicians that i cheated on him but i'd denied it and as he had no proof he left it at that. One weekend in November we'd spent together without me knowing he read my diary and found out that i did sleep with this bloke. He broke up with me but took me back two days later as he said he loved me too much to be without me. We started to rebuild our relationship and was planning to go away in a couple of weeks. But this weekend he ended it saying he couldn't get past what i did. That came out of the blue to me as things we're going good. Now he's cut me out of his life, he doesn't want me back and i'm finding it hard to cope with. How do you mend a broken heart.


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    Also how do you deal with seeing your ex chatting up someone else. My friends are making me go out on saturday to a party and i no he's gonna be there.

    I just want him back, but it's too late. Just can't get past the fact that he doesn't want me anymore. I no i did wrong but we we're trying to get past what happened, we were planning our future together.
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    awww. i went through the same kind of thing where i cheated on my boyf 2 months into the relationship but it wasnt sleeping with someone else, just pulling. he stayed with me coz he loved me but it seemed to just go downhill from there. the bottom line was he couldnt trust me and i dont blame him. a relationship without trust isnt a real relationship! you have to see it from his perspective too. you were obviously a very important thing to him and to find you cheated and lied is gonna hurt him.

    i do understand. the thought of a future without them seems like hell on earth BUT it isnt. you realise there are other reasons for you being here other than just them. I'm afraid there is no way to build your confidence or get over him quicker. stay on top of all the important things in life at the moment...work etc. look after yourself and make sure you keep yourself occupied and happy.

    at the party try and tell your mates how you feel and that you need their support. if it gets too much nothing in the rule book says you cant leave. seeing him with others might help you realise that he 'isnt yours' anymore. spread your wings a bit, get to know some male friends, people that boost your confidence. i have found one thing, that when losing someone you REALLY loved can push you onto the rebound really hard and i went out and think over a course of 3 days pulled 25 guys in the hope i might find someone just slightly like him but i didnt, all i got was really bad stubble rash!

    you're a gorgeous person and you'll get through this, just stay composed, rely on friends - thats what they r there for and enjoy life while your young!

    good luck! <IMG alt="image" SRC="smile.gif" border="0">
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