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While out at a club last night with my friends, i met up with my g.friend and her mates who were on a maddan cus it was a girls 18th.

While seeing my g.friend for the part of the night she asked me to wait while she chatted to her friend accross from us, fine.....

Her friend then left with her b.friend leaving my g.friend chatting to some lad....

I see her giving him a mobile number and chatting to him for around 10mins so I go downstairs and leave her to it, feeling really pissed off.

When she then found me about 20mins later and had a go at me for not waiting, and said it was her friends number she was giving not hers?

I do trust her but there is still a doubt. what should I say to her?


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    You obviously don't believe her so what can you say?
    Anyhoo he may have been a male friend, if you can't cope with your girlfriend having male friends then there's no hope
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    If you bring it up again she's not going to suddenly change her mind and tell you a different story. Assuming it really was her friends number, she'll tell you the same thing- that it was her friends number. And if she lied and it was her number- she'll most likely lie again to keep the story straight.

    I guess it all comes down to whether you really trust her or not. If there's no trust, the relationship will not work. I know it means making yourself vulnerable and there's the potential of hurt feelings... but that's a risk that is necessary for a good relationship.

    Hope that everything works out with the two of you.
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