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I'm depressed

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I'm 18 at uni. It should be the happiest time of my life, but I've never felt so low.

My flatmates are giving me a really hard time. A few months back, I tried to jump out of my window when I was drunk, ended up smashing my hand through it. Since then one of my flatmates, who I get on with half the time, has kept calling me "sucide boy", and this morning he kept saying how last night it was really nice to talk to someone other than me, because I only ever talk about myself. And some remark about suicide. To which I said "its really sad slaggin someone because they have problems", to which he said "not as sad as suicide".

And another flatmate, is getting to me aswell, givin me like the silent treatment. I cant cope with all this. Ive talked to people but it doesnt help. Im lost + im really, really scared.


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    Did you know these people before university or were they just the people you were assigned to live with? If they weren't your friends before then I would seriously consider getting a room change. The silent treatment and constant derogatory remarks are not going to make you feel any better and will most likely make your university experience even worse.

    If these people were your friends before, I would try talking to them. Explain to them that their remarks are not helping you at all, that in fact they're making you feel worse. If they're you're friends they should listen to this and get better.

    As for why they're doing it, this is a little bit harder. The silent treatment guy probably doesn't know what to say. You may be the first person he knows who feels this way and it's probably intimidated him as well. He may prefer to not have his world disturbed by pretending that you're not there.

    And the guy who makes the bad remarks. Two choices here- either he's just a mean guy in general, or he thinks his comments are helping. I would bet on the second one but I can't be sure since I don't know the guy. Once again you can credit this to the fact that he probably has never been in a similar situation and thinks that saying things like "not as sad as suicide" will make you realize that life is still worth living. I know it seems odd, but sometimes people say the dumbest things in these circumstances.

    You didn't say why it is that you're feeling this way. Were you actually trying to commit suicide the day you were drunk or was it just a stupid drunk incident?

    If you are feeling suicidal or even just seriously depressed I would strongly recommend going to see your doctor about it. I know that sounds scary but your doctor can maybe prescribe you some mild anti-depressants that could help you for a while. If that idea is too much for you right now you could also try one of the student health lines. I'm sure that your university offers a service to students where you can stay annonymous and yet talk to some people who are trained to help you.

    I'm not sure what else to say but hope that this has been of some help. Keep talking to people... I know you may feel bad unloading all your problems on them but that's what friends are for. And remember that we're here for you too...
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    What is it about uni flat mates? They are a nightmare!! I can't say that i know exactly how you feel coz i don't but i know what a hell they can be. I live in a flat with 6 other girls and it is a match made in hell!! 3 of the girls are complete power freaks and have very strong personalities, 1 girl is extremely 2 faced and loves to repeat any thing you say to her, 1 girl is quiet and friendly (my life line!!) and the finally girl is lovely but she is never in the flat coz she hates the atmosphere.

    T he last girl has now moved out and one of the 3 'witches' friends is moving in (oh the joy)!!

    Anyway, on to advice. Talk to your hall manager about a room change. If possible try to go to a different set of halls where you can make a new start.

    But if u are feeling really low then nomatter how often you move the underlying problem will still be there. Talk to a doctor, a uni councillor or even the samaritans if u need to but PLEASE don't keep it all inside.Uni is meant to be fun and as soon as u are happy in urself u can go out and make some great friends.

    Don't give up!! Hope some of this babbling actually helps! we are always here to help you. <IMG alt="image" SRC="smile.gif" border="0">
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    dont worry about them uni flat mates what a nightmare it sounds to me as if ur so called mates arnt very gud mates at all if they dont wanna help and listen that its time to find new mates i no its hard but trust me there not worth it.
    tell them how u really feel and tell them to try and understand what u r going through.

    but i can see where u mate is coming from if u r always tlkin about urself and ur problems and not listenin to them there just gonna treat u like that aswell just ask them or tell me to give u a second change if that doesnt work then just find new mates there not worth it.
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    Er... Lizzy ... this was all TWO MONTHS AGO.

    Or as a very erudite chap once said:
    Dude. Post. Dead.
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