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Strange or what???

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Hi guys.I was just wondering what you think of this situation I had got myself into the other night.This situation includes 3 other people.-My boyfriend(Karl*)
-My best mate(Linda*)
Linda*s boyfriend/Karl*s best mate(Ryan*)
*names changed.
Right,Linda has just got back together with Ryan for the third time in 2.5 years and we all get on but Linda did go through rough patches with us due to how she went all cold with Ryan(she finished it everytime)

Anyway,Ryan is a very complimentative guy to me especially when he's drunk and he always open about it even to Karl and we are all chilled back people and Karl had once said he wouldnt mind if I had snogged Ryan for a laugh and the other night we had considered it but we backed out due to Linda and Karl opened up to Linda and she was really hurt.

She felt betrayed.

Thats why we didnt cos we knew how she'd react.Karl is alright.

It had started because Linda and Karl were fighting and Karl started and 'coming on to her' tactic to get her back and Ryan noticed this and everyone else and then he said,'thats alright I can be with (myself) and so he put his arm around me and I played along with it.

Then Lnda and Karl pretended that Karl was kissing her neck so we pretended we were actually smooching then their next step was Linda being actually on Karl and then me and Ryan thougt-leave it now and we just had a laugh at the ideas of what we could do to beat them in this little battle and actually kissing for real came up and then a serious moment came up.
We really questioned whether we should.We both knew it'd be fun but we didnt.

We dont fancy one another.I love Karl and he is totally besotted with Linda.

So anyone,have you experienced this fun snogging with your boy/girl/best friend's lover?e werent actually cheating cos we knew Karl wouldnt mind but I suppose it was just Linda.

I can see why she was really mind but what do youse think-

Strange or what?
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