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What do u think....

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Well....my on/off girlfriend who is currently off has gone to austria for a week....and i have done stuff with this other girl while she has been away..it was at a party...just a 1 night thing.....u say why is this a problem...well we spemt the night beofre she went away 2gether and it was like we were going out....and she said dont u do anything with anyone while im away...i think we will get bk 2gether...she said i dont mind if u pull another girl but u know girls they say one thing and they mean another! I like her and she was the one always messing me about so u think what she doesnt know wont hurt her or should i tell her? bear in mind what she did to me in the past if u guys can remember


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    hi chrishot4u.
    i told my boyfriend that when he went to tenerife with his mates (lads holiday thing) that he could pull if he wanted...it wouldnt make me happy but aslong as he came back to me, didnt tell me and left the girl/s he had seen and what they did in tenerife and not see them again i would be ok. i prefered it that way rather than him dumping me for his week of freedom and although commitment is part of a relationship i didnt want him to miss out on that bit of fun...pulling and stuff. I think that aslong as you dont see this girl again and depending on how your girl feels, tell her if she wants to hear it but if she doesnt then dont say anything but if she wants commitment from here on you are gonna have to give it to her if you want to stay together... hope this helps...
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    Me and my b/f split up a few months ago and we're probably gonna get back 2getha. He wanted time on his own and a break while the exams were going on. On friday night he went to this karaoke thing and he told me he'd danced with a couple of girls (only when I asked though!). I know that we can both do what we like cos we're both single for the time being but he knows that that kinda thing upsets me cos I'm still in love with him. Dancing isn't really a big deal but it still hurt me in a way knowing that he was having a good time with some other girl. And he's staying at mine for a few days at next week and it kinda feels weird thinking he'd like been with someone else and then expects me to be fine with it all and do stuff while he's here. Sorry for babbling on <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt; i'm just a bit hurt.
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