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My Ex is a B******* and never want to see him again.

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As you know i me and my ex have recently tried, or rather i have tried to get to know him again.

This has now gone wrong. I rang him on Tuesday to ask him if he wanted to do something this weekend, he said it was difficult as he had a friend staying over.

I said jokingly, who is she do i know her, he said her name is Sam and she's a bit upset and needs a break. So i flipped my lid.

I said "you better not be messing me around, and just using me til something better came along".
I know he only has 1 double bed in his house and 2 2 seater sofas so either he thinks i'm stupid or just totally insensitive i don't know. He said he needed to talk to me but not on the fone, he's still attracted to me, but there is no flame! And he don't think he can trust me after running off with that bloke off the net. He forgot to mention that he asked my best mate to go on holiday with him before i left him so i have reasons not to trust too!!!
I said thats why we were taking it slowly, to try and regain that flame, but abviously thought that a quick dip of the wick would help decide that for him.

I know that sometimes situations happen and u end up having sex, but when it happens the second time u start to think maybe we can work this out!! But when he casually mentions that a girl is staying over u start to think u bastard.

What did he want from me? why did he lead me on? Is he after revenge for what i did before? or was he just using me? I have never felt so cheap in all my life, i really thought more of him, and i don't like what he has become. He still owes me £1000 which he is paying off gradually, but as soon as i get that last panny i want him out of my life for good.

I rang him yesterday coz i need some of that money this week as i have an expensive dentist bill and asked him all these questions. He said he thought we could get back together, but then realised we couldn't.

Could we not have just gone out, why did we have to sleep together.

Then he tells me he is going on holiday with this "friend" in 10 days time, surley he must have know about her while he was with me which was only last week. I mean do me a favour, does he think i was born yesterday??


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