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confused, please help!!

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In May i went to visit a friend in Bristol for a week. During this time I met one of her mates and we got along really really well and would sit in clubs chatting and holding hands etc. We ended up sleeping together (nothing more, just the sleep!) where she kept telling me to hold her and telling me that she really liked me a lot. She had told me that she had a boyfriend but things werent great between them. The day that i was due to go back home she told me later that day on the phone that she had found it hard to say goodbye and that she thinks things would have gone further the night we slept together had she not had a boyfriend. She then said she was really confused and her head was spinning, she really liked me and didnt know what to do. Well, we spoke on the phone and via text from then up until mid July, with the amount we spoke gradually decreased until the end of july when she just stopped altogether. I had text quite a few times afterwards but no reply (didnt ring, I dont like phones! and dont want to seem like some nutter stalking her!) We havent spoken since. I still really like her and this has just left me really confused!

I should just get over it eh?! But I am just very confused by it all

Anyone know whats going on here?! Im 20 by the way, if that helps?!




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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Maybe she thought nothing would happen between you two because you lived so far away and she looked at it as a sort of holiday romance/crush. Maybe she decided she had more with her boyfriend, or sher felt guilty about having a crush on someone else, and realised that the only way it would go away would be for the contact with you to stop all together.
    Maybe her boyfriend found out about you, and told her the only way their relationship would last is if she cut off all contact with you all together.
    Maybe she lost/sold her phone.
    Maybe she doesnt like you anymore.
    There's thousands of reasons as to why she may not be contacting you anymore, and i think, from the information that you've given, the most probably one is that she does love her boyfriend and does want to stay with him, and she saw whatever happened with you as great at the time, but something that wouldnt last, either due to her current relationship, or the distance between you, or the fact that she didnt even know you that much.
    I think she's happy with her boyfriend, and in the relationship that she is in, if she wasnt, and she saw any way of a relationship existing between the two of you, im sure she would have got in contact. And you never know, she might call you in the future, but right now, i wouldnt pester her too much, she sounds happy with where she is and what she's doing.
    If you just genuinely want to know how she is and whats going on in her life, maybe you could talk to the friend whom you originally went to visit. But all in all, i should leave it to her, and try and remember that she did in fact have boyfriend, and maybe she is trying to work things out with him.

    If she wants to get in contact with you, she knows where you are :)
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