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GCSE Certificates

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I've just enroled at college this morning, and there was some kind of problem with my GCSE results. Somehow I didn't receive my GCSE certificates, which apparently contains information the college needs. Instead I got a different results sheet, which doesn't have the information they need.

I hope this won't cause much of a problem at all, but there's the small matter of my Statistics grade, which I took a year early. I got a grade B, not that it matters, but I don't still have the certificate I apparently received a year ago. They advised me to contact my old school to get a copy of the certificate.

Does it matter if I can't get a copy, and has anyone else had a similar experience with exam certificates?
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    The Statistics certificate sounds like it might have been lost somewhere along the line (although it might still turn up on one of your other ones if you took a few exams with the same board) BUT I think you'll have to wait a bit longer for the ones from this summer.

    After I got my A-level results, we didn't get our actual certificates until our leavers' ceremony thing in December. Although I have no idea how long the school had had them beforehand.

    The best thing to do is probably to ring up your school and they should be able toput your mind at rest :)

    Good luck
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    You should have had your stats certificate by the end of the (calendar) year in which you took the exam. If not, you should contact the exam board and have a moan! Your school will be able to tell you which board to call up - have your candidate # to hand and stuff.
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    The exam board should be happy to issue you a new certificate. (as long as they're still running the qualification you took, which they most likely will be - in which case you'll still be in their database).

    All certificates have your name clearly printed so they won't worry about you trying to use them fraudulently or anything. There's nothing you could really do with a duplicate certificate.
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    JsTJsT Posts: 18,268 Skive's The Limit
    GCSE certificates are normally issued in October/November of the year you took the exam.

    If you contact the exam board who assessed the exam (contact details will be on their website), they normally reissue the certificates, or your school may still have them. However, exam boards can charge to reissue.
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