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In Need Of Advice!

Ok this is as serious AS I could ever be in my life here now!! Please bear with me!

Ok I am now 17 and I have been noticing things about my mum lately she has been acting weird, her and my dad fight alot now and I have got this feeling she is 2 timing my dad I don't know what to do I feel like killing myself right now!! AND I AM NOT SAYING THIS TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL FOR ME I DON'T LIKE WHEN people are feeling sad for me!! Ok and I am not after attention.. The worst thing is I have 2 little bros one is 12 and the other 7 and if she is I don't think my dad would cope this might in the wrong topic sorry but could someone help me with this on how to cope and what to do plz help!!
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    Crikey, I don't know whether you're in the right topic area, and I don't know whether this answer is in the right area either, but here goes:

    This might sound wet or daft, but the one thing I can really say is this: Jesus loves you, even though it may not seem like this at the moment, and he wants to be right with you in this. Why not get down on your knees and ask him to help you and your family now, and he will do just that - I don't know how exactly but he will.

    On another note, can you phone somwone like Childline / Samaritans. They will have experienced people to talk to & help you with this.

    God bless,
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