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I fancy my m8s ex!

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Hiyaz peeps help me before I go INSANE!
Right, so I went out one day with my bessie, her boyf, his best mate (who for the purposes of this post will be called Kermit!) and more of my mates (one in particular will be called Lucinderella.) So we were all just hanging out and afterwards everyone went home except me, my bessie, her boyf and Kermit. Kermit admitted to us that he fancied Lucinderella, and to cut a long story short we set the two of them up and they went out. At this point I was fine.
Then Lucinderella admitted to me after a few weeks that she couldn't handle Kermit. He was getting far too possessive and jealous, so she ended it. Kermit was like absolutely devastated and resorted to phoning every single one of her mates (including me.) I dunno what happened, but I was comforting him and I guess something just clicked.
A few weeks later I was chatting to my bessies and Kermit cropped up in conversation. She mentioned how I continually went on and on about him; how sweet he is, what a great guy he is, etc. That was when it totally hit me-I fancied Kermit! I could hardly believe it myself, so I kept it quiet, but a few days later my mate got it out of me.
I don't know what to do, I mean, I really like him, but he is SUCH a flirt. He eyes up anything in a skirt! Lucinderella has given me the go-ahead to go for him, but I'd still feel horrid for doing so. besides, Kermit only thinks of me as a close friend. Loads of my mates have commented on how close the two of us are and that we get on really well, which I guess is true. I'm just sooo scared that if I try to ake it further, I'll ruin a great friendship. HELP!

Loadsa luv


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    ok, so my best mate fancies my ex, and i can remember i got really pissed off at him for it, but that was before i was over her, now im over her, i dont really care what happens between them two, i say wait a bit till u know lucinderella is over him, which she probs is as she finished him, then go for it.
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