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Time Abroad During Uni Course?

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I'm going into upper 6th next week and my orginal plan for university has been to study journalism, then take a year out to travel and then get a job. However, recently my cousin (who's a journalist) has advised me to study journalism at a postgraduate level and do something else for my undergraduate course because post-grad journalism is more worthwhile.

Now this would be fine and great but obviously spending 6 odd years as a student and then taking a year out would cost a fortune. So my latest plan has been to take an undergraduate course that would include some time abroad, thus eliminating the need for a year out. The thing is I'm crap at foreign languages so the only possible course I can think of right now is American Studies.

So anyway, what I'd like to know is if anyone has had any experience in courses that include time abroad and don't require a foreign language?
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    There are schemes where students studying many subjects can spend a year abroad... I can think of two, but cant remember exactly remember the names which isnt much use!

    Its like an exchange scheme, where you go study your subject at a foreign university for a symester (sp?) or how ever long.

    Yey. found it. Its called the Socrates-Erasmus Scheme. This is what Liverpool has to say on the matter. and this is the most official thing i can find on it. Go read.
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    Yeah. You don't have to study languages to study abroad. My bloke studies aeronautical engineering and has just done a year in Poland. He spent 6 months studying at uni, where his lectures were in English, and then 6 months working for a bridge building company.

    It's an absolutely fantastic opportunity, and I think most degrees offer you the option of a sandwich course spending your third year abroad. Of course, you could choose to take this year abroad in an English speaking country like the USA, Canada or Australia, but you don't have to. I know people who've done a year out in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Poland, Russia..... all without speaking the language. It's amazing, you learn about a different culture, and pick up bits of the language too :thumb:

    The main exchange bodies as far as I am aware are Erasmus/Socrates and Leonardo. Depending on what you are doing and where you are going, you can claim grants and expenses to pay for flights/accommodation etc etc - if you want to spend a year living in another country then university has got to be the best time to do it!
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