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architect wanna-be

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I wanna become an architect (as the subject would suggest).

I know the route I need to take to get there, but i wanna know what you guys think of some of my work.

I am very passionate about design (especially when it comes to architecture), am very determined and feel that i have a talent for design.

anyway, enough of me being up my self.

tell me what you think.

The first and second link show design proposals which I had developed for an exterior of an indoor arena for the Tokyo Motor Show.

The second link takes you to some design proposals i had developed for a logo for the Tokyo motor show.

and the fourth link takes you to my final logo design for the Tokyo Motor Show.

Thank you

P.S. critisisms from students studying and university would be most appreciated.






  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I like the logo you chose! Can see that being used. The rest is a bit hard to make out - probably because of the size of it on the screen. But you are obviously good at design and have some cool ideas.

    Good luck with it all!

    May aswell add that I did a Graphic Design degree at uni, and I work for a printing company as a designer at the mo :)
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    i did design for several years. like faith said you have some nice ideas, but like most of the girls i've worked with your rendering needs a bit of work... rendering glass is a joy (not).

    to me it looks like those are just preliminary designs rather than final proposals, your final work needs to be 'perfect', rendering absolutely spot on, layout and graphics etc.

    ask your tutor where your weak areas are and work on them, criticism really is constructive if it'll help you realise where your failings lie, and if you want it bad enough you'll work on it until they're no longer weaknesses.

    good luck ;)
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    good work:thumb:
    i like it
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