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How to convince uncle to let me get a better pressure washer?

FordRangerFordRanger Posts: 1,124 Wise Owl
edited January 28 in General Chat
I want a new pressure washer. My uncle said he might buy one similar to what we have if they don't replace it under the garantee or the one they replace under warranty is faulty again. I have had 2 Karcher K2 compacts which were both faulty they are replacing them under warranty but it's not ideal because it's inconvenient and a brand new product should work without any faults no problem and should last for years really. I have had 2, the first pressure washer just had no pressure too it, they sent another 1 under warranty, it was working fine after several times, I turned it on recently to wash my car and no power from the motor at all. I asked my uncle to see if he could buy me a one I found online which seems better quality and he said I can get a new pressure washer except he said either Karcher should give the same one under warranty (which is likely to be faulty again) or I can get a similar ome under the same price range. I found one advertising which looked nice so I clicked on it, it looks well built and everything but my uncle said its too expensive. We both paid for the current one as we both would be using it, same for the replacement so considering this its not that expensive.

I know I am an adult and should pay myself fully but it would help if he helped out too plus he is using it too and it would be at his house. I am currently trying to get a job, I am in the process of it all. The one I want its more expensive but I think it's cheaper overall considering the cheaper ones won't have the quality. The one I saw just to get the it seems better quality, it looks better built, as its a longer warranty if it was faulty which I don't think it will, plus you get a lot of accessories with it too and it also looks like better quality gear. Any advice would be appreciated


  • amy02amy02 Moderator Posts: 74 Budding Regular
    Hey @FordRanger I have to admit that I don't know much about pressure washers but the points you've made here are really clear! If you try and approach your uncle with the same clear arguments it could show him just how much research you've done and that this higher quality washer is worth investing in :3 It also may be convincing to make him think about price per use (eg. if you use it all the time and it'll last longer then really the cost per wash is minimal)
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