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Quick procrastination tips!

AidanAidan Clever idiotPosts: 2,619 Boards Champion

Short, simple, tips you (hopefully) won't get bored or distracted whilst reading!

Get rid of distractions 

If there’s something that’s going to distract you, put it away. Block websites you procrastinate on, put your phone on silent and put it away etc. Procrastinating is a lot easier to stop if you remove all of your options to procrastinate. 


Do the hardest thing first 

If you have lots of things you should do but don’t want to do today, but them in order of hardest-easiest, and start with the hardest. This way, things can only get easier! 


Just do 10 minutes 

*this is a big one*

You will get through 10 minutes a lot easier than you think- it isn’t very long! And when you do, it’ll be a lot easier for you to carry on as well- this is because starting something is always the hardest part. 


Race against the clock 

With impossibly short time limits, you work a lot more focused and get more done in less time! E.g. if you had 30 minutes to take notes from a book you might dilly dally- but if you had only 10 minutes, you’re going to focus and use that short time well! 
This is also good because it’s easier to do something with an end in sight! Doing a task until it’s finished is more draining on your focus and motivation, than doing a task until 10 minutes have passed. 


Reward yourself 

Think of things that you like to do e.g. watch tele, and think of things that you need to do e.g. your coursework.  
Procrastination is watching tele first, and doing your coursework after. If you did your coursework first and then watched tele after, you still get to spend the same amount of time watching tele so you’re not missing out! 
Fun things are rewarding to your brain, it wants to do them. So if you bundle coursework with watching tele immediately afterwards, your brain finds coursework more rewarding and will look forward to it more/ dread it less! 
"Do, or do not, there is no try" <(•.•)>              
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    @Aidan I'm highly disappointed. I clicked on 'reward yourself' expecting a cute animal pic as a reward for reading but no, it was how to reward yourself for being production :joy: 
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  • AidanAidan Clever idiot Posts: 2,619 Boards Champion
    Aha I tricked you into learning! :joy:

    Sorry lol, here's one

    "Do, or do not, there is no try" <(•.•)>              
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