Women-only and men-only chats

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On the descriptions for men/women-only chats on http://www.themix.org.uk/get-support/group-chat it describes each chat as:

Men only: A place for anyone who identifies as male to talk about a variety of topics, share experiences and meet people.

Women only: Talk about anything that's on your mind. A judgement-free zone to get and give advice within a women-only group.

Does this mean that anyone identifying as a man can join men-only but a woman-only user has to be biologically female? Is women-only chat for advice whilst men-only is just for meeting people? Because the two descriptions are so different, I find it confusing and think it implies partial treatment of the two sexes.

Because here http://community.themix.org.uk/discussion/3540898/what-is-group-chat#latest both of the chats share the same description, maybe the descriptions here http://www.themix.org.uk/get-support/group-chat are just unchanged and need updating. Maybe this is just very petty, but for whatever reason the pettiest things annoy me the most :joy:

I did want to post this on a feedback form but couldn't find a link to one that worked- and also thought posting it as a thread gives other people the chance to share their view on this.



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    Hey Aidan 🙂
    I have been thinking about this myself but haven't posted anything because I don't often like stating my opinion.

    However I do agree with the confusion in descriptions, they may just be a different term of phrase but I do find them rather confusing.

    I've often found women only chat used to get busy when I used it and that made getting support much harder as it replaces support chat doesn't it?  It's a great idea for those seeking help relating to their sex and getting support in a safe space but it does make getting support a little harder.

    Men only chat is usually dead I find as it used to be a sort of second general chat but smaller?  I often found myself getting support in there because it was way less busy than women only chat, and even though I consider myself rather gender neutral and have slightly more masculinity than femininity I still felt bad as I did not fully identify as male. 

    I haven't thought about any changes that can be made that I feel should be at the moment as its something I've newly thought about and don't feel I have a say in as I used it many moons ago before the new chat x

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    I realise now this should be in problems and suggestions- sorry!
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    Hey both of you,

    Thanks so much for raising this @Aidan. You're both totally right, the descriptions on this page were outdated and a little unclear. We've now updated them to read:
    A place for anyone identifying as (female/male) to talk about a variety of topics, share experiences and meet people. This group is also open to those of a non-binary gender identity.
    This actually brings us more in line with how we promote them on the boards, too (quoted below). :)
    Women & Men-only Chats: Places to talk about anything on your mind in a safe, supportive environment with people of a similar gender identity. Anyone is welcome to attend the room they identify with most at the time. For any non-binary or non-conforming folks out there, you're welcome in whichever space you're most comfortable.
    Interesting that you mention the difference in the two spaces, @Laine. Given the majority of the community is female-identifying, WoC does naturally get much busier than MoC. Something we're going to be working on in the very near future is how we can make both these spaces more useful, particularly as MoC does remain fairly unused compared to WoC.

    This is something we'll be asking for your feedback on (similarly to Under 16's Chat), so watch this space. ;)

    Thank you for pointing this out - definitely something that slipped by us!

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