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Take your Pick! The Nations' Favourite Love Nuggets

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A couple of weeks ago the 'Love Nuggets' campaign where couples all over the UK got to share the little things their significant other does to make their relationships happy.

Not only did people get the chance to appreciate their partners just a little bit more, they also got the chance to win a £30 Amazon Voucher too!

Unfortunately the competition is now over but thanks to all the people who contributed, we now have loads of Love Nuggets on the website which could inspire people to do new little things to keep their relationship happy. But it doesn't end just there!

Below is your chance to select which Love Nugget you think would make a relationship happy. You could think about your own relationship or any other relationships you admire. There are 12 to choose from so hopefully you don't get stuck trying to pick between them all!

The poll closes September 19th so please choose your favourite option asap! :heart::blush:

1. We always say 'I love you' with a hug and a smooch before we part.
2. I get woken up with a cup of tea and kiss every morning.
3. Whenever we're apart we write each other letters and emails. I save every letter, and the memories always make me smile.
4. If my partner watches something on TV that doesn't interest me, he'll give me a massage at the same time so we still spend time together.
5. We like to sing along to songs together every Friday afternoon.
6. We try to talk things out and not let things build up that might be bothering us.
7. I like it when we cancel whatever we had on that day to stay in bed.
8. My partner and I have started 'Alphabet Dating' every two weeks we go on a date and do something beginning with a different letter of the alphabet.
9. We take time to listen to each other every day, even if it's only for a few minutes.
10. I make sure my partner gets to have some uninterrupted me time each week because it's really important to them.
11. We have baths together - chat, have a drink. It's lovely.
12. When we have heated disagreements, we try to take some time out to cool down and think about the situation from the others' perspective.

Take your Pick! The Nations' Favourite Love Nuggets 10 votes

Love Nugget 1 *hug* :heart:
0% 0 votes
Love Nugget 2 :pancake flip: :love:
10% 1 vote
Love Nugget 3 :flirt: :blush:
10% 1 vote
Love Nugget 4 :no: :chin:
0% 0 votes
Love Nugget 5 :lol: :yippe:
0% 0 votes
Love Nugget 6 :nervous: *hug*
10% 1 vote
Love Nugget 7 :yes: :angel:
0% 0 votes
Love Nugget 8 :hyper: :d
30% 3 votes
Love Nugget 9 :chin: :angel:
20% 2 votes
Love Nugget 10 :thumb: :)
10% 1 vote
Love Nugget 11 :cool: :flirt:
0% 0 votes
Love Nugget 12 :impissed: *hug*
10% 1 vote
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