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Feb: Post Of The Month!

AuroraAurora Part of the furniturePosts: 11,720 An Original Mixlorian
It's that time of Month again on TheSite! It's Post of The Month! However, I'm saddened to see a lack of nominations, so PLEASE get nominating more, if it's a post a like, or even a funny one or a lovely supportive one, just click the 'Nominate' button on the top of the post, and type POTM!

This time, we have two nominations!

*Drum Roll*

BubbleyBerry was nominated BY YellowSeaHorse , in the following fab post!

I am really sorry that you are struggling so much with food and your mood …not fun for anyone to have to go through. I can't say I fully understand as everyone's circumstances are different but I can assure you that after being there and currently going through it still, that I have a bit of knowledge.

Spirals in the wrong direction are common, and we shouldn't beat ourselves up it because it's part and parcel of recovery. I have no idea what stage you are at with your eating, and if I am pushing boundaries do say so please...

Chosen from the thread 'Spiral of not eating' to read the rest of the above thread click here!

That's the first one out of the way, now to reveal the second oneee,

*Drum Roll*

Our second fab post was by FireyFirenze, nominated by WhispersOfTheHeart (Me) ...
everybody is not looking at you all the time. in fact, nobody really cares if you get on the bus and your hair isn't quite right. I wish I'd had a bit more self confidence. :)

This post can be found in the 'Things I wish I knew when I was 18' Being under 18, I'm glad these things are things I WILL know!

Just wise words from both Bubbles and Firey, so, GET VOTING!!

Feb: Post Of The Month! 12 votes

33% 4 votes
66% 8 votes
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