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Post of the Month- January!

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Hi everyone!
POTM time again, not many nominations this month again, get nominating for next month! :thumb:

First post is by purpleroo nominated by Fiend_85
Purple_roo wrote: »
I have a real issue with how you have phrased this and wanted to bring it up for other potential readers. The OP did the most responsible thing possible when faced with the potential that he may have an STI - he didn't hide it, but instead was responsible and open with his current partner.

Sexual health is nothing to be ashamed about - particularly when you are looking after it - and comments like "Doesn't make you look like the caring type or a keeper" just perpetuate a negative sexual image that is far more damaging and adds to the shame surrounding sexual health. It is not on - you wouldn't say that to someone who had a cold, so why say it about an STI? Catching one is no worse (nor better) than a cold, and taking steps to keep healthy regarding your sexual health is a good thing.

OP, this girl is not dealing with you in a mature or communicative way. It sucks to not be able to get closure on this, but unfortunately that is the most likely outcome.
from this thread "Do I take the hint or keep trying?"

Second post is from Skive nominated by Annaarrr!!
Skive wrote: »
I've seen warnings about disturbing content for all sorts of things on the news. You have to strike a balance between warning people and wrapping people in cotton wool.
from the thread "Why aren't BBC/ITV/C4 etc giving trigger warnings?"

Third and final post is from bubbleyberry nominated by meagain

Really sorry to hear family stuff isn't so great for you at the moment. Families are tricky ones for sure. I feel for you! Have you tried talking to your family about how things are making you feel? Such as when they don't make light of your achievements? I know it is hard, but hang on in there. I know what it is like when it seems like someone else is getting all the attention and focusand encouragement etc, I always felt like that when my dad paid all his attention to my step siblings and not me. I was honestly jealous of them. I think that's normal. We are human! I think, if you can, try and talk to them about the fact you have needed them etc. They can't change anything if they don't know it is a problem I guess? That's what People said to me anyway. Talk to us and please know that you are not on your own. We are here for you and I am proud of you for sure.

Big hug

Rach x
from the thread "I don't think they care."

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