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Post of the Month - November

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Sorry for the delay in posting November's post of the month nominations, there has been problems with the report and nominate option on the new boards layout.

meagain nominated piccolo for:
My first instinct is that even in note form that is going to be too long. Try to focus on one or two major points from your achievements, and keep the primary focus and the bulk of the text on what draws you to chemistry and makes you excited about it. The rest is great, and important, but not what you're going to uni for (officially, anyway)

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baa ram ewe nominated **Angel** for:
Sounds like you had a rather difficult evening yesterday, I'm guessing you're in work right now, how is work going? To be fair, you're human, you'll have people who you hate, who hate you, but then you'll have people who love you, like you, and vice versa. It's just how the human system works, try focusing on the people you have, you have an amazing career you're in, and you've taken amazing positives steps while you've been on TheSite.org.

Often when were feeling 'Shit' reminding us feel 'Shit' really doesn't get us anywhere, have you tried alternative coping strategies, like telling yourself today is actually going to be okay, just because you feel 'shit' in the moment, don't let it effect your whole day! I used to do something pretty silly when I was feeling 'low' in the morning, look in a mirror and yell (Positive words) it would be strange, I think the strangeness made me laugh, but it's worth giving it ago

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piccolo nominated Indrid Cold for:
Experience has taught me not to ask for explanations when a guy uses the phrase "I have a big" with a word I don't recognise :p

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Scary Monster nominated Fiend_85 for:
My old bush whacker doesn't hold charge anymore, which means I can't keep the ladygarden neat and tidy the way I like.

Which make/model do you use to keep your knickers neat?

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Only four choices this month, so no multiple choice!

Post of the Month - November 19 votes

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Indrid Cold
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