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Post of the Month! - October

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Post of the month time again! Only 4 this month..

kissofdeath was nominated by yellowseahorse for this post
when i started living in supported accommodation i felt the same "no one wants to support me, what's the point of them being here if they won't help" but a few months a go i realised i wasn't letting people support me. I went to the manager and explained how i felt and straight away they got someone in who had the power and knowledge to support me in my situation. Some times you have to go beyond the first course of contact and search for someone that is willing to help. If this matter means a lot to you then keep pushing because everyone deserves to be listened to and everyone is entitled to support. Don't give up, believe in yourself and push for what you want.
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RubberSkin was nominated by frankipanda for this post
Most of the time we use the stairs, occasionally the escalator and if it gets too heavy, the lift. But we usually go back to the stairs.
from the I need a hug thread :)

frankipanda was nominated by hmmm7 for this post
Happiness is realising you don't have to get up yet.
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and finally Fiend_85 was nominated by piccolo for this post
You're part of a team Claire. We're all on your side. Try to imagine us cheering you on, or patting you on the back for a job well done. You're making great progress. Take heart.
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