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Who's the Daddy?

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I have a friend who is a single parent that has two kids, one who is almost 8 years old but so smart that the kids is like 2 years ahead and doing the work of 10 year olds.

This child also has a younger sibling.

My friend told me a long time ago that the eldest kid has a different father to the younger one but neither kid knows the truth and both think they have the same dad.

The eldest kid's father know's he has a kid but doesn't want to meet them, whilst the 2nd father know's he's not the eldest kid's father but plays along.

My friend says they plan to tell the kid when they're 16 that the person they think is their father isn't .. but after having spent a lot of time with the kid I think it will be better to tell them fairly soon because by the time they're 16 they'll be going through puberty and all those other teenage problems and I think by then it will come as a bigger shock then to be told as a child in a gentle way.

What do others think and has anyone been through the same problem?

Tell now or wait 8 more years?

Who's the Daddy? 5 votes

60% 3 votes
Wait 8 years
40% 2 votes
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