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**helen****helen** Mod malarkistPosts: 9,235 Listening Ear
Hey guys, our bad...we haven't run one of these polls since we had G here for the week... :blush:

BUT that means LOTS of lovely nominations to vote for now. :love:

Shyboy and Scary Monster nominated Katralla in his thread asking for tips to get over his ex girlfriend
katralla wrote: »
Cut her from your life, bollox to her love- if it makes you miserable then just don't accept it; her love is a liability. Block and deny her, she never existed. Get a new hobby- today. Get really involved in it. Get a new girlfriend in about 4months time. Forget she ever existed. Never give her another thought. Block and deny, block and deny- that's what I do :D

Franki nominated Arctic Roll (1) for his views on the London Riots
Load of bollocks if you ask me.

The problem's not a lack of discipline, it is how that discipline is meted out. Schools will expel rather than deal with problem students. The problem is not dealt with, it is just excluded, swept under the carpet. You can only sweep things under the carpet for so long. There's nothing wrong with taking kids out of mainstream education if they can't or won't behave, but you have to give them something to replace it and we don't. Rehabilitation is seen as "soft on crime" when, if anything, it's the exact opposite.

We need to make prison worthwhile again, we need to train offenders to give them the skills to live in society. Our prisons have a revolving door because prisoners aren't given a chance to overcome their problems.

G-Raffe, the real problem is that the Metropolitan Police will kettle students and beat the shit out of peaceful protesters in Fortnum and Mason but then when you get proper violence they're nowhere to be seen. They're big and hard when they're beating the shit out of a kid in a wheelchair but when some little scrote has a Molotov cocktail they vanish into thin air. That's what people are upset about.

Scary Monster nominated Arctic Roll (2) for his views on self harm in this thread.
I only caught part of the discussion on catchup.

There always has to be a handle for any of these discussions, in this case it was YouthNet and the BBC drawing attention to a report showing how the problems are getting worse for young people. It isn't that other people don't do it, it's that there has to be a specific purpose to a short segment on any radio show and that was the specific purpose. I think any discussion of self-harm is a good discussion, even if the discussion is about young people it applies to older people too. The same reasons apply- people turn to self-harm when they don't know how to cope any other way.

I do understand where you are coming from but I think it is easy, as someone who self-harms, to get drawn into the viewpoint that it is easy behaviour for people to accept. It isn't. It is shocking for a lot of people that people could do that to themselves- part of the reason why YouthNet and other charities talk about their self-harm support work when they're writing funding bids. I was at a conference for student money advisers last month and several delegates were horrified in the mental health workshop about the thought of self-injury, with several asking how on earth anyone could do that to themselves. It's a common attitude, not born out of malice or even a lack of empathy but simply out of a lack of understanding. And these are people who, like me, work with university and college students every day. Any media attention is, at first, good attention, even if it is talking about different demographics.

We get self-injury on the agenda before we worry about anything else.

As for the bravery of the young woman talking about her experience, can I just say she was fantastic. I was roped into doing something similar for YouthNet several years ago, talking about my self-harm to a room full of 350 or so journalists, and it is bloody hard to be honest like that. Pass on my regards mod team!

Katralla, piccolo and Randoman nominated Big Gay for his comments in the I hate being gay thread.
Big Gay wrote: »
Hating being gay is all to easy to do, it has after all "ruined your life" - you're not going to follow the life plan that you and everyone else assumed you would. But the truth is what society tells us we should want from relationships very rarely actually matches up with what we do want, it's just you've found that out earlier than most, and so have the chance to think about it, and go into life knowing what you want, rather than realising after many years wasted in strangely unsatisfactory relationships.

But yes, you need to change yourself - you need to work out what you think is wrong with being a man who likes men, and see if that there really isn't anything wrong with it. you need to not hate yourself for being gay, but to embrace it - it's who you are, and it can bring you much happiness is you let it.

G-raffe nominated Slartibartfast for his views in the BDSM thread
That's correct, these days it's no watches, ties and sleeves rolled up when you are clinical area (such as wards), but that isn't really the point here IMHO, it's just an good excuse to ban it.

The point, for me, is that she's there to work not express her individuality or her belief system. At least not one where there is an option *not* to wear the symbol - I do have sympathy with sikh community for example. Then to rub salt in the wound (no pun intended) she forced a legal challenge and bill will diverts resources from patient care.

So, first she puts her "beliefs" before her patients care, then she takes money away from them. Seriously, what a screwy set of priorities she must have.

Kaff nominated Franki for the following reply in the BDSM thread to CptCoatHanger
You say that, but didn't I learn on THESE VERY BOARDS that sometimes you women have orgasms while breastfeeding?! Lord know what giving birth does to you crazy fuckers.
It makes us shit ourselves.

Katralla nominate Whowhere for his post in the Scotland's uni funding thread (particularly first part).
Whowhere wrote: »
Considering my local GP is utter shite and I'd been waiting 3 months for a referral for an arm injury, I can only imagine their system must consist of being smacked around the face and being told it's a cure for leg pain. Otherwise, we're being ripped off and they're getting extra perks from our taxes.

If we truly are one nation, then services and laws should be the same throughout. If we aren't one country, then maybe we're just better off cutting the cord and leaving our neighbours to the North to fend for themselves and clawing back all the money we give them instead of having a current setup where if you're North of the border you get treated better by the national government.

Clementine_the_tangerine nominated Randoman for his reply to piccolo in the I need a hug thread.
piccolo wrote: »
Sadly there will always be those twats in the world. I've never lived anywhere where people haven't thought it's ok to call me a "fucking dyke" in the street. Eventually, you start to ignore them because you're worth more than that, but it takes time.
Randoman wrote: »
***Internet hug**

Some people just need a slap
...in the face..
With a CHAIR

Scary Monster nominated piccolo for her post in the why is the world so harsh thread
piccolo wrote: »
I have ended up with a barrarge of snide remarks to counter standard religious objections but they never get a laugh from the people they're aimed at (frankly I don't think they understand) so I'm going to test them on you people.

"It's only a problem in the case of practising homosexuals." "That's all right, I'm very good."
"I don't believe in homosexuality." "Every time you say that a fairy dies."

I've actually used both of those but they just elicit blank looks.

clementine_the_tangerine nominated Namaste for a post in the a 16 year-old's greatest enemy thread
Namaste wrote: »
I don't think it's lack of self-belief that's the enemy. What are a lot of 16 year olds gonna do anyway?

Youth services closing down... Feck all jobs... EMA gone and many people too afraid of debt to go to university.

I'm not joking, I work with unemployed people and I have met so many young people who are now not going to university because of the fees (and probably partly because they'd need a part time job to survive on top of studies - them jobs ain't there).

I think that society looks down on young people... Especially in the cities. Young people are criminalised and it's f*cking disgusting because said attitudes would be frowned upon if applied to another group. You never hear about young people in my local papers, in case somebody has been stabbed.

So really... 'Self belief' to do what?

I think the problem is prejudice and ageism... But then that's me.

Man am I glad I'm 27. :rolleyes:

Katralla nominated Scary Monster for her post in the personal statements thread.
If you're in your last year of 6th form, and you're not sure what you want to do at the moment then absolutely definitely make sure you make a strong application to university.

That way you keep your options open. Applying doesn't commit you to going, but you have to apply like you mean it.

Move out, get a job, get a flatshare, all sounds very simple - the reality is very different.

JsT nominate Teh fincheh for his post in the favourite toilet thread
tehfincheh wrote: »
My favourite toilet is Blackpool.

Time to vote! :hyper:

(p.s you can vote for more than one)

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