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Post of the week(s) - time to vote!

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So we're a couple of weeks behind :blush: some of these posts are from two weeks ago. Also if anyone is missing a prize from previous votes let us know!

Right.. on to the nominations...

Indrid nominated Skive:
Skive wrote: »
Hate the word slut, why is there no equivalent word for men who sleep with a lot of people? People who use the word are generally a bit stupid I think.
Male or Female, there's nothing wrong with sex, aslong as you play safe and are happy.

frankipanda nominated Artic Roll in the same thread:
The problem is that the word 'slut' is perjorative, something that doesn't apply to men.

If you're a woman and you're safe and happy- you're using protection, you're sober enough to know what you're doing and you're having fun- then so what if you're sexually promiscuous? Anyone who judges you for it- anyone who calls you a slut- is a moron.

If you're not safe and happy- if you're having sex for the attention, if you're too drunk to know what you're doing, if you're not using protection- then being called a slut is the least of your worries.

You have slept with a fair few people- more than a lot of girls your age will have done- but what you need to worry about is WHY you're doing it. If you're doing it to be validated by men then you need to think about it. If you're doing it because, hell, you just like sex, then play safe and play happy and tell anyone else to go fooey.

Scary Monster nominated katralla:
katralla wrote: »
It's just boobs and bums for ages... Wop ya tits out, clean their bums, and you'll be fine (yeah, time makes it all seem like it was that easy, lol). Car seat that fits on a pushchair and a cot that changes into a toddler bed were my best pre birth purchases.

frankipanda nominated Scary Monster in her reply to omg hi:
omg hi wrote: »
people shouldn't give what they can't take.
But if everyone took that approach then straight guys would never get a blow job.


Post of the week(s) - time to vote! 20 votes

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Arctic Roll
25% 5 votes
20% 4 votes
Scary Monster
35% 7 votes
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