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POTW - vote now!

**helen****helen** Mod malarkistPosts: 9,235 Listening Ear
Hey guys, this is an exciting nomination thread to write as we've already had lots of nominations since you guys have started using the 'report post' button. :thumb:

So far we've got LouiseK, nominated by Leanne:

"I am sure you can both belch for England but bench presses :lol:"


Katralla 1 nominated by **CupCake**:


Here's an excerpt:

"Black is black hun, even if you make your skin paler you are still you, you are still black. It hurts to know that blackness is viewed as either an inferior beauty, not beauty, or an 'exotic' beauty. But, all that said- you need to find another way to create some happiness and appreciation for the life you have, the skin you have. Wanting to be white won't take your pain away. Even if a magic wand were to come along and turn you white, it wouldn't take your pain away."

Katralla2 nominated by yellowseahorse for advice about making an appointment:

Yup, do convince yourself to go- you're worth the time and investment from yourself in to yourself.


Katralla3 nominated by ScaryMonster and Frankipanda:

"The idea of loving people equally is nonsense, that's my point. Love is what it is. My love grows as it encompasses more people, whether they be people from my womb or poking near it, or not on that level at all. The more I love, the more I can love and the greater my loving capacity becomes."


Katralla4 nominated by Tryingtobestrong

"You're not useless, you're just surviving. I promise you there is emoyment to be had in life, and you'll get there."


Kaff nominated by Frankipanda:


"Hence 'rag week', 'on the rag'. But if it makes you feel better, in the old days people generally started periods a little later and had babies earlier, so you'd probably not have many periods before you had your first child, and cause contraceptive options were relatively thin on the ground you'd just keep having baby after baby, so not many periods through your adult life either, and there's a good chance you'd die in any of your childbirths, and if you didn't by the time you'd had 14 or 15 babies you'd probably just give in and die anyway.

Good times."

Evenstar nominated by Skakitty:

"They're not omniscient spliffie, you can't tap your ruby slippers together three times and get a new user title. Why don't you give one a PM and ask nicely."


Arctic Roll 1 nominated by Jamelia:

Dealbreakers..."wearing a skirt so short that I can see your flaps when you walk up the stairs in front of me."


Arctic Roll 2 nominated by Broken-Angel

"A two-year old having a tantrum looks like a two-year-old having a tantrum.

A twenty-two-year-old having a tantrum looks like a twat.

Simple, innit."


Slartibartfast nominated by Evenstar

From the questions you didn't know need answering thread.

"What does an occasional table do the rest of the week?"


So you've got until Monday to add any more nominations and then I'll add the poll so you can get voting. :d

POTW - vote now! 26 votes

7% 2 votes
23% 6 votes
3% 1 vote
11% 3 votes
3% 1 vote
0% 0 votes
7% 2 votes
Arctic roll1
11% 3 votes
Arctic roll2
23% 6 votes
7% 2 votes
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