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**helen****helen** Mod malarkistPosts: 9,235 Listening Ear
Here's the cream of the crop from the last week...

Ranty thread
(seriously, TMI)

After starting a healthy diet of low calories and high fibre about a week ago, I've just had my first dump in three days.

It feels like I just gave anal-birth to a poo baby. I can see myself having Vietnam-style flashbacks for a while, hopefully the ring of fire wont last as long :S

Man of Kent
Grumpy old man
He'll want it back you know. Bloody kids, steal anything that isn't nailed down....

Good news!
Well, saw the haemotologist yesterday and i definitely DO NOT have leukemia and in all probability don't have lymphoma.

Dickheads are cool
This is unbelievably funny and scarily accurate in so many ways:


Doggy style
My boyfriend loves doggie style but he says he doesn't like it when I make dog noises like woof woof, he says he needs to concentrate. I like pretending to be a doggie woggy though. Is he being unreasonable?


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