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Someone make a decission for me.

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I need to make a decision about my job and I really don’t know what to do, some days it’s alright but other days I dislike it. So come on help me decide. :thumb:

Now I have only been doing this job a little under two weeks but I’m not really enjoying it. I want to go back to my previous job where I was happy but earned less money. My new job is a lot more money than my old job, so money is an issue but I don’t know if it should be at the expense of being happy.

If I’m honest this new job will also stand me in better stead for where I want to go in my career, sounds perfect, but I just dread coming to work. I’ve talked to my manager who has agreed to try and make things better, but yet my old job still seem so appealing, I know the job, I know the people and I enjoyed it.

Although I’m not too popular at my old job anymore because I left after only a few months, my ex manager has said he would have me back. He wants me to meet him and his boss to talk further about me returning. He has had to pull some strings to get me back so I don’t want to fuck him around.

Part of me wants to go back to my old job with mates I could get on with, whilst another part of me keeps thinking I should stay in the new job and things might get better. The extra money means I could do a lot more things that I previously thought.

I wish I never looked for a new job in the first place.

So come on then; the choice is yours, you decide!

Someone make a decission for me. 14 votes

Old Job
35% 5 votes
New Job
64% 9 votes
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