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Time to vote for post of the week

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Nominations are in, time to get voting for one of the following :chin:

Who to nominate
There are definitely some potential ones of budda knocking around, but I'm almost too scared to nominate him :D

Blind or partially sighted
I think they fail to see the bigger picture.

Is it OK to hit a woman?
No, it's not okay for a man to hit a woman. Neither is it okay for a woman to hit a man, or a man to hit a man, or a woman to hit a woman...

Coming out
Just accept the fact that yes, I am awesome human being... and if anyone has got a problem with that they can fuck off :)

I'm with Stupid
Advice on going to Blackpool
Oh, and make sure all your immunisations are up to date. ;)

Vote wisely :yes:

Time to vote for post of the week 43 votes

4% 2 votes
25% 11 votes
23% 10 votes
18% 8 votes
I'm With Stupid
27% 12 votes
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