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which of these are viewed as a bit too freaky?

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i was talking to a friend and she said that there were certain things that she wanted to do with a guy but wouldn't even talk to a guy about because she thought that they would be viewed as too "freaky", i said that i didn't think they were.

but please vote in the poll and state what you would or wouldn't do and why, i think i'd find it really interesting. It does make me wonder though if i'm a little too sexually extrovert.

i would personally do all but watersports, which i find a bit odd, but if a partner was into it, i suppose i might try it. but possibly not...

which of these are viewed as a bit too freaky? 100 votes

10% 10 votes
29% 29 votes
dirty talk
2% 2 votes
8% 8 votes
using toys
4% 4 votes
47% 47 votes
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